Korean institute finds COVID-19 treatment candidate 600 times stronger than Remdesivir

(BUSINESS KOREA) Institut Pasteur Korea announced on May 14 that nafamostat, an acute pancreatitis treatment and a blood anticoagulant component, has antiviral effects against the new coronavirus.

Institut Pasteur Korea has been conducting drug recreation research since February to discover candidates for COVID-19 treatments among drugs already licensed or under development. According to the institute, nafamostat showed the strongest antiviral efficacy against the COVID-19 virus among about 3,000 drugs analyzed through cell culture experiments. In particular, its efficacy is approximately 600 times stronger than Ebola treatment Remdesivir, which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency use.


Undocumented Immigrants to Get $1,200 In New $3 Trillion House-Passed Bill (Details)

The Speaker of the House should always put Americans first. She doesn’t, though. Instead, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), like all liberals, believes illegal immigrants deserve all the same benefits as citizens.

Democrats push new $3T coronavirus relief bill through House

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats have powered a massive $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill through the House, an election-year measure designed to brace a U.S. economy in free fall and a health care system struggling to contain a pandemic still pummeling the country.

Friday’s 208-199 vote, with all but one Republican opposed, advances what boils down to a campaign-season display of Democratic economic and health-care priorities. It has no chance of becoming law as written, but will likely spark difficult negotiations with the White House and Senate Republicans. Any product would probably be the last major COVID-19 response bill before November’s presidential and congressional elections.

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Reopening America: 48 States Easing Their Lockdowns

“The employees I’ve brought back in are extremely excited to come back to work and make some money and see their customers.” -Tony Schmidt from 21st Street Seafood

[CBN News] America is reopening for business. After weeks of lockdowns, millions of Americans are finally getting what many of them have been demanding: the freedom to get out of the house and go back to work. (Image: Unsplash-Frank McKenna)

At least 45 states have already eased coronavirus restrictions in some way, and three more are doing so today. It’s a promising sign for the economy, even as many acknowledge the risks.

In Wisconsin, restaurants and bars began hopping just hours after the state Supreme Court struck down the governor’s stay at home order, effectively re-opening the state. President Trump called it a win. Many in Wisconsin felt relieved.

Resident Deborah Glembocki is happy about the change, saying people should have the right to make their own decisions. “We should be able to decide if we want to go out or not,” she said.

“If they don’t feel it’s good to come out yet—more power to them—but I hope they respect my feelings. I would like to come out and start getting the economy going again,” said business owner Chad Arndt


California biopharma company says it found coronavirus ‘cure’ that 100% blocks COVID-19 from infecting healthy cells



Operation Warp Speed: President Trump predicts COVID-19 vaccine by end of 2020

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump spoke from the White House Friday about developments in the race to create a coronavirus vaccine and doubled down on his prediction that the U.S. will have a vaccine by the end of the year.

The president detailed the Trump administration project dubbed Operation Warp Speed that will overlap studies of different candidates that are made differently and act differently.

Trump also announced Dr. Moncef Slaoui has been appointed to lead the White House’s initiative.

Dr. Slaoui said during Friday’s press conference that he’s recently seen early data from a coronavirus vaccine trial that makes him feel “even more confident” we’ll be able to deliver a few hundred million doses of vaccine by the end of 2020.

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